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[#12] 29 May 2020 (06:22) by Animera - Animera V6.0

Dear Folks!

After 3 years of BETA we're proud to say that we are finally finished. It took longer as expected but 
we wanted to make sure that everything is PER-FECT.

A lot has been improved since then, from fixing every known bug to improving the whole game in every way.
Gameplay wise / Content Expansion / User friendlyness and much more!

The only thing that prevents us is from launching is that we need to prepare the marketing and the financials.

Everyone who have donated in the BETA period will get his Animera Coins DOUBLED! And those who delivered a fair share
of bug testing/reporting/suggestions will receive Animera Coins either. 

As the BETA period is over there won't be a 100% bonus anymore. BUT there is still a PRE-ORDER bonus of 50% this bonus 
applies untill the day BEFORE launch date. Which is at this moment unknown(so do not rely on the countdown).

I hope you all to enjoy the game much more as ever before!

Kind regards,

The Animera Team





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