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[#16] 12 August 2020 (01:32) by Black - RESET 14-1-2020 19:00 CET

First of all i want to say thank you to everyone who joined Animera!
We've reached a new peak of playerbase! The launch was considered successfull with nearly 200 players.

But unfortunatly we came also with some bad news. Due to the growth of playerbase we've reached again another performance capacity, which caused lag, freezes and crashes. Aside from that there were few bugs (few of them even game-breaking). So to give everyone a fair chance on the highscore race are we forced to relaunch. After barely a week. We don't like it, but in the end it's best for the server. So that's the route we want to take.

We're expecting to launch on 14-8-2020 19:00 CET. We will make sure that any problematic bug will be solved by then and ofcourse getting enough preperations to minimalize the rollback on certain abuses.

Everyone who have donated so far will get it recovered ofcourse. Aside from the coins everyone will be rewarded with 30 days of premium account to compensate the loss. Also there will be a increased rate for sklls and possibly for exp/loot and/or animera coins as compensation but that's we're still discussing about in the discord server.

  • Moved to a better host.
  • Rewritten server save, no freezes anymore and it will save in almost realtime! minimal rollbacks (if any, incase of crash) and not abusable!
  • Fom now on every few hours a backup of the database will be created to assure minimal rollbacks/reset on any abusive damage.
  • Few more bug fixes/tweaks will be done whether it's a spell or average class balance or general information on wiki.

This should atleast assure everyone will have the same chance on the relaunch and a much smoother overall gameplay.

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