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[#13] 29 June 2020 (04:00) by Black - Relaunch

Dear Folks!

Since our last relaunch 3 years ago it was clear to us that we still had work to do outside of bug fixing.
After many years of developing and bug fixing we can finally say our beta is coming to an end.

Animera will relaunch at: 01-08-2020 13:00 CET.

The stress test server is still up if you are willing to hop on!
Keep in mind that we might throw a reset in between the stress test days.

Everyone who have donated in the BETA period will get it's coins doubled.
Ofcourse this is not available anymore.

But there is still a pre-order bonus of 50% for those who donate up to 1 day before the relaunch.
If you received/spend it already, no worries all the coins spend during the stress test will be recovered on the relaunch.

Kind regards,

The Animera Team





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