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[#18] 29 November 2020 (05:51) by Animera - Update Released

Dear Folks!
It's been a while!

It took longer as expected, but we managed to launch the update.
I've had to go through all the details again to check for tweaks/balances of the game.

We've managed to make great changes to the game, follow us on discord for the patchnotes.

But we aren't there yet! First we need to see which bugs came with the update and this can only work by testing stuff.
Which means we will need to reset now. From previous tests i've seen that people will either play their main or give items to noob chars.

After debugging there are a few more fixes,improvements and/or features that i want to add in between the debugging which i don't expect to take long at all.
But then we can move on to the last part and that is going through all the class details for the class rebalancing(if needed).

One of the reasons i added 5 new classes earlier then i expected/planned for, but i guess it's the best moment to add them as i can take them all with the rebalancing. There are still some details that i need to make decisions about (class wise) but we will see how it goes through the testing and ofcourse the class balancing.

Because we gonna relaunch soon again, we have a TEMPORARY donation bonus again. This means every donation up to 1 day before the relaunch. 
Will be recovered on launch with a 50% bonus. There is NO date set, but i do know we're very close and a limited offer. As people know me i am not waiting to reset every time. Aside i didn't wanted to give a other 50% bonus again as it might have a bad impact on the game economy. But as we also will make some changes in the store soon i thought 50% is fine.

Anyway if you had a lot of fun with animera before, You will have even more now ;)

Kind regards,






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