Achievements are sometimes hard to get, but it may be something worth to showoff!
For every achievement you reached, you will be rewarded(SP is Skill points, MP is Mastery points).

Grade Name Description Rewards
Beginners luckGet hit by high damage attack and survive with 1 HP left.300 SP
Avoid the deathAvoid a hit that would be your death.300 SP
AggressiveTotal Besthit score higher then 3K.50 SP
Killer InstinctTotal Besthit score higher then 5K.300 SP
Bug CatcherOwn 5 pets.20 SP
HunterOwn 10 pets.30 SP
Skilled HunterOwn 20 pets.40 SP
Experienced HunterOwn 30 pets.50 SP
Specialized HunterOwn 40 pets.60 SP
Pokemon MasterOwn all pets.70 SP
Crystal AbuserUsed over 300 upgrade crystals.10 SP
Crystal AddictUsed over 500 upgrade crystals.20 SP
Crystal CrusherUsed over 700 upgrade crystals.30 SP
Crystal SmasherUsed over 1000 upgrade crystals.40 SP
MailmanComplete 5 tasks.5 MP
HenchmenComplete 10 tasks.5 MP
CorruptComplete 20 tasks.10 MP
AssassinComplete 30 tasks.20 MP
MassassinComplete 40 tasks.30 MP
Extinction MachineComplete 50 tasks.40 MP
GenociderComplete all tasks.50 MP
AdventurerComplete Storey Mode I.10 MP
RebelComplete Storey Mode II.15 MP
Righteious FighterComplete Storey Mode III.25 MP
SuperhumanComplete Storey Mode IV.25 MP
HeroComplete Storey Mode V.25 MP
SuperheroComplete Storey Mode VI.25 MP
Daily hustlerDone 50 daily quests.20 SP
Daily mafiaDone 100 daily quests.50 SP
The AvatarKill 1000 legendary vocations.100 SP & 10 MP
Points UserSpend more then 250 points.5 MP
Points FreakSpend more then 500 points.10 MP
Points PsychoSpend more then 750 points.15 MP
Points SpammerSpend more then 1000 points.20 MP
Exp Room hunterGet over 1000 kills in the exp room.20 SP
Everyday is cheatdayGet over 2000 kills in the exp room.50 SP
Soulless Ginger AleGet over 3000 kills in the exp room.100 SP
Pizza LoverEat 1000 pizza.20 SP
Tomatosauce BenderEat 5000 pizza.50 SP
Gem MasterGet 90% Crystal upgrade boosts.25 MP
Stubborn OneGet level 500.5 MP
BeastGet level 1000.15 MP
ChampionGet level 1500.25 MP
PrimeGet level 2000.50 SP & 50MP
LegendGet level 3000.100 SP & 100MP
OmnipotentialGet level 5000.150 SP & 150MP
BearhuggerWarm, furry and cuddly - though that same bear you just hugged would probably rip you into pieces if he had been conscious, he reminded you of that old teddy bear which always slept in your bed when you were still small.10 SP
Boss HunterKill 10 bosses.20 SP
Boss Hunter ExpertKill 20 bosses.50 SP
BosserKill 30 bosses.100 SP
Boss KillerKill 40 bosses.300 SP
Boss slayerKill 50 bosses.300 SP & 100 MP
Boss destroyerKill 60 bosses.400 SP & 200 MP
Boss vaporizerKill ALL bosses.500 SP & 500 MP
Mastered Vocation.Get second promotion.25 MP
Force of Nature is with me.Attain the powers of the force of nature.100 SP
Trading MasterTrade with over 30 Npcs100 SP
Animera SupporterHave a premium account.10 SP & 30MP
CollectorCollected items for a addon.20 SP & 10MP
Well SkilledGet skill level 100.15 SP & 15MP
Elven SabotageComplete the elven outfit quest.15 SP & 15MP
Greedy but FoolishTrigger a trap.5 SP & 5MP
Party KillerKill 100 Apple Cookies.15 SP & 15MP
SleepdisturberAwake the chaos emperor dragon.30SP
One Man ArmyClear the sunrise city arena.20 SP & 10MP
Piece of CakeHelp adil with getting his recipe back.10 SP & 10MP
Seize the DayBe online for atleast 24 hours and gain exp.15 SP & 15MP
Underworld SlayerClear the 6 quarters in omashu city.15 SP & 15MP
RuthlessClear all the throne rooms of the pits of inferno.15 SP & 15MP
No Way BackClear the queen of the banshees quest.15 SP & 15MP
Good ChallengedClear the arachnid squasher quest.20 SP & 20MP
Indiana JonesClear the indiana jones quest.30 SP & 30MP
Powerlevel over 1000!Get over 1000 in skilllevels in total.300 SP & 100MP
Skill MasteryGet a skill over 300.200 SP & 50MP
UnhumanGet over 300 in skilllevels in total.150 SP & 50MP
PreparedGet 5 Outfits in total.5 SP & 5MP
Outfit CollectorGet 10 Outfits in total.40 SP & 10MP
SneakerheadGet 20 Outfits in total.80 SP & 20MP
SupermodelGet 40 Outfits in total.160 SP & 40MP
SwagaliciousGet 60 Outfits in total.240 SP & 60MP
Drip MasterGet 80 Outfits in total.320 SP & 80MP
Fashion FreakGet 100 Outfits in total.400 SP & 100MP
SoulmateGet 5 Souls in total.20 SP & 5MP
Soul DoctorGet 10 Souls in total.40 SP & 10MP
Soul CatcherGet 20 Souls in total.80 SP & 20MP
Soul HunterGet 35 Souls in total.120 SP & 40MP
Soul CollectorGet 55 Souls in total.160 SP & 60MP
Soul FreakGet 80 Souls in total.300 SP & 80MP
ShamanGet 110 Souls in total.500 SP & 110MP
TalentedGet a misc skill higher then 50.100 SP & 50MP
Mastered SkillGet a misc skill higher then 100.150 SP & 50MP
Uomo UniversalisGet in total over 200 misc skills.300 SP & 100MP
Jack of all tradesGet in total over 300 misc skills.500 SP & 150MP
Achievements FanGet 20 achievements in total.40 SP & 40MP
Achievements CollectorGet 30 achievements in total.50 SP & 50MP
Achievements SeekerGet 40 achievements in total.60 SP & 60MP
Achievements HunterGet 50 achievements in total.70 SP & 70MP
Achievements AddictGet 60 achievements in total.80 SP & 80MP
Achievements WeirdoGet 70 achievements in total.90 SP & 90MP
Achievements FreakGet 80 achievements in total.100 SP & 100MP
Achievements NerdGet 90 achievements in total.110 SP & 110MP
Achievements FiendGet 100 achievements in total.120 SP & 120MP
Achievements GoatGet 110 achievements in total.130 SP & 130MP