Some usefull hints for players to progress in-game.


The map is fully custom about half the size of RL tibia. The first city is based on evolutions. If you wanna see the full map click here.

Skip Npc conversations

It makes life a lot easier. Why say hi > trade or hi > bless > yes if we can do that in 1 click?

You can skip npc conversation in 3 ways.
Looking at them (hotkeys or mouse or battle screen), Targetting them (!target hotkey, mouse or battle screen), Doing area spells like Energy Beam.

If your english isn't well, or if you have troubles following the story or didn't read npc conversation properly or whatever... this functions is almost always your solution
if you are stuck. Like telling the right keywords to the right NPC/quest or story mode state.

Anifried is the only templ npc that asks for confirmation on buying bless (with skip), because of possibly 'missclicks'..


Did you know anifried teleports players below level 75 to various places in town?

Hi > travel > pets > yes
Hi > travel > spells > yes
Hi > travel > king > yes

Google translate

Did you know this website has google translate? Might be usefull if you want to understand anything here.
You can find it above the free animera coins banner.

Discord & World chat

Do not underestimate the support on world chat or discord. People are willing to build friendship and teamwork!
For those who do not speak english fluently we also have a portuguese and poland chat.
We also have channels for bug reports, suggestions, voice chats, help chat and more!

Command: !target

By using the !target command, it will target the creature who is the closest from you. By using the command again it targets
the next creature in order.
It also works on NPC's to trade, or for quests etc. and also works on players if you are pz locked.

Hint: Use it as hotkey ;)

Backpack of ammunition

Instead of putting ammunitation into the arrow slot you could also just equip a backpack with ammunition inside!

!exiva “Npcname

Do not underestimate this command. Very usefull. Tracking Story Mode NPC's / Quest NPC's. Just as the usual exiva, 20 mana cost.

The desert dungeon quest

Did you know the desert dungeon gives 50k, noble armor, crusader legs, helmet of the lost, dragon shield and a weapon too! You can even go through it solo!
And the shortcut is found at the second floor of depot! All you need is a pick and a levitate! Click here for quest guide

Horse mount for 500GP

Did you know bryan sells a horse mount for 500gp and that for LIFETIME! He is next to the depot at the farm on the road to east gate. If you are there
also check the blind witch NPC as it buys creature products! There are more NPC's whose selling mounts.

Free Animera coins

For those who do not want to spend a dime onto games because of principles or financial issues or any other priority/reason whatever.
We can understand that. I am glad to say we have found a solution for that!

By clicking on the free animera coins on the upper left side of the website, you will lead to a offer wall containing offers
that credits me (and you too automated process).

Some requires payment by SMS, some are free offers like subscribing to a newsletter. I do not have control over it. Neither about the available offers,
as it may vary from country to other countries. And the payout ofcourse.

Using VPN's/Proxies/false emails or whatever will not work. Do not ask me the technical stuff about it, as it is on the side of the
offers provider who have their own marketing deals.

We try to find out other ways to find a optional way to earn animera coins.
If you have idea or suggestions, feel free to contact me.


Mines & Trains

Did you know that there are 9 mine spawns with some small quests and a train that brings you directly to woodlum town?


Stone Skin Amulet

The stone skin amulet is reduced to 15% physical protection and -15% death protection. Might be usefull for bosses, not that usefull in PVP.
Buyable from mona at highest floor of enigma mall!


Autoloot functions

Yes we also have auto loot, to setup you need to make use of commands. Check the commands page for more information.


Since you joined the boss hunter's guild, you get paid for every creature you slay. The stronger it is, the better it's payout. Every time you
slay a creature. You will have a ka-ching$$ moment. If the amount of money is below 1000 it will be yellow, if the amount is below 10000 it
will be blue and everything above 10000 will be purple coloured.


Boss hunter's Guild

If you have skipped the tutorial on your first login, then you have joined the boss hunter's guild automaticly. By joining the
boss hunter's Guild you will get free money on certain advancements.

Level Reward
Level 20 3x Crystal coins
Level 75 5x Crystal coins
Level 130 7x Crystal coins
Level 200 10x Crystal coins

Aside the free money on advancements, you also gain gold automaticly on your bank for each creature slain. The stronger the creature
the better payment(At certain point it is very benificial). Also clearing missions they provide will also gain you
some financial bonusses.


By doing tasks you will get experience, money and the ability to hunt down task bosses. Click here more information.

Selling loot

Aside the basic loot selling NPC, we also have a creature product seller. You will find the NPC at the farm.

Free blessing

Players below level 75 will receive a free blessing on login. You will not lose the blessing when you exceed the level. You will lose it
on your first next death.

Daily reward chest

You can find the daily reward chest at every temple.

In the daily chest you will find a lot of nice items. Most of the items are addon items, very usefull to collect/trade with others.
But you might find other
usefull stuff either like blessing runes, revival runes, lockpicks, skilling weapons as snowball,
crystal wand, crystal coins etc.

Lock picking

To open chests you need to have a lock pick. It has a small chance to break. They cost 100gp each at the tool shop,
also lootable from humanoid creatures.
By locking a pick you will randomly earn 2000, 3000 or 5000 EXP.


Temple Scroll

Temple scrolls are very usefull! By using a temple scroll a countdown of 60 seconds go off.
After 60 seconds you will be teleported back to the temple of where you are citizen from.
Temple scroll cannot be used when you are in battle, or used at certain events/quests.

If you use the scroll, and get in battle again in the 60 seconds, your scroll gets canceled, and you lost wasted a scroll.


A very usefull tool/weapon. Ever saw a lever at a unreachable platform?

With the axerang tool you are able to switch those levers. Also it is an infinite distance weapon! (Atk: 30). Aside the small stones and snowball.

Time machine

Did you know there is a time machine with experience door level 200 in enigma city? I've heard that there is also a quest over there!

Mandrake & Nose ring

Did you know mandrake gives 30% more mana for 25 seconds, 15% to non mages. Nose ring gives 25% more health for 25 seconds, 10% to mages.

Custom wands

Did you know that most wands you can buy from the magic store is useless?

There are many custom staves out there with much stronger damage based on level and magic level. Or with special ability
as critical damage / mana leech / passive effect as regeneration / resistance or 3x3 AOE.

Spider webs

Yes i am aware that it do not work on most OT's but. The spider webs are destroyable here by weapon.