Meditation room / Training machine room

The mediation room is mostly beneficial for magic users, standing on any tile in the room will give you a additional regeneration of 50 health and mana every second, Knights will ofcourse have a lower regeneration. Energy crystal's do not increase shielding. Training machine does skill your shielding.

You cannot be killed, pushed or kicked while your skilling. However skilling takes 2x longer as usual, if you skill without client(exit).

Magic resistance

The higher the magic resistance, the lower damage you will receive from magical damage.

The player does not lose any hitpoints due the high magic resistance is higher then the damage output of these minions.

Magic resistance can be skilled by getting hit by elemental damage.
The stronger the damage, the more magic resistance you will gain!

You will gain 1 skilltry if the damage is 3 times higher then your current skill (damage must be atleast 99 if you want to progress with a magic resistance level 33).

You will gain a skilltry for every 10% of full health the damage takes. If a demon boss throws a GFB draining 50% of your health it will give you 5 skill tries.

You can train your magic resistance by luring many creatures or in the magic resistance room.

Check your magic resistance with !stats

Skilling weapons

There are special weapons for (Magic level, Attack speed, Club fighting, Sword fighting, Axe fighting and Distance fighting).

Warlock's training sceptre: Has the same effect as the spell (concetration), Except it will give skill exp bonus of 20% instead of 30%. But it's atleast afkable. So you won't lose seconds of full mana.
Gold band: A weapon to train your attack speed skill. It is 300% faster then a regular weapon.
Cursed glove: Same as above but slightly better.
Light mace: Same as gold band, except for club fighting.
Combat knife: Same as gold band, except for sword fighting.
Golden sickle: Same as gold band, except for axe fighting.
Snowball: A weapon to train your distance fighting skill. It is 400% faster then a regular weapon.
Axerang: It has the same speed as any regular weapon. Except this one never breaks, with a atk of 30! Also a very usefull tool!
Small Stones: It has the same speed as any regular weapon. Except this one never breaks. Buyable at tyoric!


Gold band, Light mace, Combat knife, Golden sickle and Snowball is available through daily chest reward, boss loot, donation and more.

Axerang is only lootable by a boss from story mode III. Small stones are available at tyoric and possible by loot too!

Shielding Room / Magic Resistance Room

At the trainers hall there are 2 rooms for people from level 400 or higher. One of those rooms is the Shielding Room.
In the shielding room by wearing a shield and staying in range will get you hit very fast by the Training Slime. Which is 400% faster then regular skilling.
In the magic resistance room by standing in range you will get hit very fast by the Training Wizard. Which is 400% faster then regular skilling.

Use a pet, regeneration upgrades or regeneration equipment to keep getting healed all the time.

Exp room

Below temple floor there are 3 rooms containing creatures (Omni sense, Dirty fang and Omni Soldier).

These creatures do not drop any loot at all. Pure EXP. 

As soon as the creature dies, a new one will spawn immediatly. 

Aside that the original death will cause respawns either.

Which will resulting in more or less creatures in the room.

If you kill it too fast, you will kill faster then the respawn resulting in cleaning the room over time and so also reduce the exp/time ratio,

if you kill it too slow, you will get overcrowded.

The exp doors contains a exhaust of 3 seconds, and will teleport you randomly between 1-5 tiles behind the doors,

to prevent sio'ing/exp share from PZ, jumping in/out etc.

With a good setup it may be fun to farm some EXP. Hunting at the EXP room consumes soul. 

If you are out of soul you get kicked from the room and cannot enter the room anymore.  

Exp lounge

Lazy day? Just online to hang with friends? You can gain experience by sitting on a bench or luxurious couch.

The amount of experience depends on the user's level * 5. That means, a level 10 gains 250 experience 5 seconds and a level 150 gains
3750 experience each 5 seconds. With a capacity of 5000 experience.



Skill Points

Skill points are points that can be spend to advance certain skills. This could be the following things: Health Points, Mana Points, Attack speed, Club Fighting, Sword Fighting,
Axe Fighting, Distance Fighting, Shielding and/or Magic Resistance.

The cost of the points are based on the skill level and the amount of skills you have purchased(Except for Health and Mana that has a individual counter for every purchase).
Not every class is able to spend on every skill. It has it's limitations.

You can gain skill points by the following things: Story Mode, (Daily) Quests, Achievements, Levelling up and events. 

The amount of skill points you gain from every level up depends on your level.

Level 1-249
Level 250-499
Level 500 - 749
Level 750- 999
Level 1000 or higher

Skill points are NOT resetable!

Mastery Points

Mastery Points works very similar to skill points. But it has it's differences.

Except that it won't advance the actual skill. But will increase the individual skill rate. 

The cost of every skill is fixed. Which is 25 points every 'purchase'.
And by every purchase the individual skill will have a skill rate increase of 0.25 (Which means every 100 mastery points is 1 more in the multiplyer formula).

So let's say the skill rate of the server is x2. 

And you spend some of your mastery points into Axe Fighting. Then Axe Fighting will gain skills like the server rate is 2.25, If you spend it again you will have a skill rate
of x2.50, then x2.75, x3... etc. While Sword Fighting and Club Fighting would still have a skill rate of 2. Unless you've spend some point into it either....

Let's say you have spend 500 masterypoints into a skill. Which would make the skill's skill rate be (2 + 5) = 7x right? But what about double skill rate events?
then you would have (4 + 5) = 9x skill rate. The 4 stands for the skill rate of the server by default(2). Before it got doubled.

Mastery points are as skill points NOT resetable!


Prestiges can be bought from zacherias in Naranja City. The price of every prestige increase with every purchase! You are able to buy a maximum of 25 prestiges (Which is aprox 33cc).  

Warrior's Prestige
+1% Increase of Melee Damage
Magician's Prestige
+1% Increase of Wands/Rods Damage
Spellcaster's Prestige
+1% Increase of Offensive Spells Damage
Cleric's Prestige
+1% Increase of Healing
Sharpshooter's Prestige
+1% Increase of Ranged Damage
Anti Drainage Prestige
+0.75% Reduction in Lifedrain / Manadrain
Elemental's Prestige
+0.5% Reduction in Fire/Energy/Ice/Earth Damage
Panzer's Prestige
+0.5% Reduction in Physical Damage
Prestige of Twilight
+0.75% Reduction in Death/Holy Damage
Prestige of Wealth
+1% Gold Rate

Prestiges can be resetted. Keep in mind this means you have to buy the 25 prestiges again!

War Crystal

War crystals can be dropped from all creatures aslong they are not too weak compared to your level.

By using a war crystal on a item it will advance the level of the item. Which means increased stats (Attack, Defense, Armor And/Or Hitchance).
Every item can reach a maximum of level 100.

The higher the level the higher the break chance.
Also the higher the item it gets the more slot opens up for the common upgrade gems. Starting at level 2 with 1 slot, level 5 for secondary slot, level 10 for the third, additional 2 slots can be reached on higher levels, which is very hard to achieve.

Common upgrade gems

There are 2 kinds of common upgrade gems a blue and a violet gem.

Blue: Health Points, Mana Points, Health Regeneration, Mana Regeneration, Magic Level ,Attack Speed,Melee and/or Distance.

Violet: Shielding, Magic Resistance, Critical Hit Chance, Life Leech Chance and/or Mana Leech Chance.

Every item can have up to 5 upgrade slots, The attributes you receive are random and may vary between 1-5% (In total 250%, also works on backpacks).
Not all attributes are available for every class. For example a Black Knight won't draw a magic level upgrade attribute from a common blue upgrade gem.
But it is able to wear a magic level set if it's done by a conjurer for example. 

Legendary upgrade gems

The legendary gems look like common upgrade gems except they are (red/yellow/green) colored.

Each color has a different effect which only applies on shields & gears, 1% each slot!
Red: Chance to paralyze and electrify the attacker
Green: Chance to clone damage to the attacker *
Yellow: Chance to bounce off the attacker
*Clone damage is similar to deflect mechanism of (black knight) knights/conjurer, except that both players will take full damage instead(Deflect is halved for both parties).
But compared to the common upgrade gems they work differently.

The legendary gems give stats bonus to the individual item. Similar like a leveled up item.

Attack, Defense, Extra Defense, Armor, Hitchance, Range, Charges and/or Time. 




Extra Defense



Wands/rods will also gain a power boost from this attribute.
Stone Skin Amulet, Runes etc.
Pair of Soft Boots, Skill Rings etc. Skill rings cannot be upgraded, but can be looted or obtained at some places with the possibility of being 'legendary'.

Dual Wielding

Dual wielding ables the player to wear 2 weapons at the same time. While you are dual wielding your attack speed will be doubled! Very usefull with skilling..

Keep in mind while you are dual wielding you will have 0 Def! and believe me you will notice. This allows the players to turn their tanky classes into glasscannons.

Dual wielding is ofcourse optional in combination of all the other build sets.

When you are dual wielding, you will switch every swing of hand. Like left hand meteor burst staff and in the right hand sprite wand. One time Meteor Burst AOE,

Next Time Sprite wand hit, Meteor burst, Sprite wand...

Your left hand will be the 'main' hand. If you have stat attributes(not from upgrades but by default) on your weapon e.g. Mana Leech.

The stat attributes will not apply in the right hand.

The same for imbued weapons.


Imbuements can be crafted by Aymen in Sunrise City. It costs 20 old irons and 10CC, and lasts 24 hours. There are 3 possible ranks you can get from imbueing your weapon (S, A or B).

The rank is random every time you imbue and there is a small chance that the imbuement fails.

The weapon in your left slot will be imbued. If it already has a imbuement it will be replaced same with the counter...

Imbuements gives the player 8% chance each melee hit to cast a certain spell (depends on the rank and class) or special technique.
In case of spells it won't cost any mana nor give you any exhaust. The damage is ofcourse based on your skills/level
like the damage you would have if you would cast the spell yourself. 

Rank S
Rank A
Rank B
Rings of Elements
Fiendly Strike
Blazing Storm / Ultimate Energy Explosion
Ultimate Ice Strike
Delayed Recovery
Higher Strafe Chance
Decisive Hit
Chain Assault
Whirlwind Blade Lv2
Delayed Recovery
Unlock Potential
Atomic Bomb / Light of Hope
Hyperfocus Combat
Fatal Strike
Battle Mages
Enchanced Magic Chain
Fiery Blade Hurricane / Winter Storm Impact / Chaisn of Thunder
Ring of Fire / Ring of Thunder / Ring of Ice
Black Knight
Dark Earthquake
Doom Berserk
Dark Sword
Demon Hunter
Dark Hole / Hell Gate
Demonic Wings
Shifting Shadows
Shuriken Dance
Huge Slash
Shuriken Dance
Ring of Elements
Ice Golem Avalanche
Crystal Spider Web

Item Sets

By wearing a full set e.g. a plate set (Steel Helmet + Plate Armor + Plate Legs), You will gain a certain bonus. Everytime you equip a part of the set you will get notification
 with the bonusses you receive. The more it's complete the bigger the bonus ofcourse.

Max Bonus
Plate Set
Steel Helmet, Plate Armor, Plate Legs
+2% Health Points
Knight Set
Knight Helmet, Knight Armor, Knight Legs
+3% Health Points
Crown Set
Crown Helmet, Crown Armor, Crown Legs
+4% Health Points
Crusader Set
Crusader Helmet, Crusader Armor, Crusader Legs
+4% Health Points, +2 Shielding
Terra Set
Terra Hood, Terra Mantle, Terra Legs, Terra Boots
+6 Mana Regeneration / 3sec
Magma Set
Magma Monocole, Magma Coat, Magma Legs, Magma Boots
+6 Mana Regeneration / 3sec
Glacier Set
Glacier Mask, Glacier Robe, Glacier Kilt, Glacier Shoes
+6 Mana Regeneration / 3sec
Lightning Set
Lightning Headband, Lightning Robe, Lightning Legs, Lightning Boots
+6 Mana Regeneration / 3sec
Pirate Set
Bandana, Pirate Shirt, Pirate Knee Benches, Pirate Boots
+15% Gold Rate
Magician Set
Hat of the Mad, Focus Cape
+1 Magic Level
Shaman Set
Shamanic Mask, Ethno Coat
+2 Magic Level
Noble Set
Warrior Helmet, Noble Armor
+2% Health Points
Millenium Set
Millenium Mask, Millenium Armor, Millenium Leg Piece
+10 Mana Regeneration
Speed Set
Winged Helmet, Winged Armor, Grasshopper Legs, Boots of Haste
+10 Attack Speed
Royal Set
Royal Helmet, Royal Armor, Dark Boots
+2 Distance Fighting
Samurai Set
Bason's Helmet, Buckle, Samurai Legs
+7 Melee Skills
Dragon Scale Set
Dragon Scale Helmet, Dragon Scale Mail, Dragon Scale Legs
+10 Distance Fighting
Devil Set
Devil Helmet, Devil Armor, Devil Legs
+5 Melee Skills, +5% Health Points
Golden Set
Golden Helmet, Golden Buckle, Golden Legs, Golden Boots
+10 Melee Skills, +10% Health Points, +1 Shielding
Paladin of Light Set
Golden Paladin Helmet, Paladin of Light Armor, Light Boots
+15 Distance Fighting
Panzer Set
Panzer Helmet, Panzer Armor, Panzer Legs, Panzer Boots
+10% Health Points, +10 Shielding
Mystic Magician Set
Mystic Turban, Blue Robe, Blue Legs, Sprite Wand(left hand)
+15 Magic Level
Reflector Set
Damaged Reflector Helmet, Reflector Armor, Reflector Legs, Haunted Reflector Shield
10% chance to glass strike 100-150 damage on hit.
Dark Emperor's Lazy Sunday Set
Dark Helmet, Robe of the Underworld, Vampire Silk Slippers
+5% death damage, +7% death protection
Nerd Set
Nerd Helmet, Nerd Shirt, Nerd Legs, Bunny Slippers
+8% Experience
Prismatic Set
Prismatic Armor, Prismatic Legs, Prismatic Boots
8% chance to glass strike 100-150 damage on hit.
Black Magic Set
Black Magic Coat, Gill Legs
+5 Magic Level
Devil Sorcerer Set
Devil Robe, Devil Boots
+10 Magic Level
Heroic Set
Heroes Cape, Golden belt
+2 Magic Level
Dark Night Set
Mask of the Dark Night, Thorned Armor, Legs of the Dark Night
+15 Melee Skills
Warcoming Set
Warcoming Helmet, Warcoming Plate, Warcoming Legs
+15 Distance Fighting
Salamandre Set
Salamandre Helmet, Salamandre Armor, Salamandre Legs, Salamandre Boots
+7 Magic Level, +15 Mana Regeneration /3sec
Mage Set
Shadow Mask, Magic Armor, Magic Legs
+20 Magic Level, +10 Mana Regeneration /3Sec
Black Devil Set
Black Devil Helmet, Black Devil Armor, Black Devil Legs
+10 Melee Skills, +15% Health Points, +5 Shielding

You can have more then 1 set bonus active if your merging some sets together!

Some sets may be even more beneficial to be build with upgrade gems (e.g. set with highest mana regeneration in combination with items that generate
mana from itself, in combination with mana regeneration upgrade gems to train your magic level as fast as possible).


Aura's are passive bonusses which also gives a special effect around the player. Aura's can be obtained in Quests and/or Story Mode.

Aura of Health (blue)
30 Health Regeneration /5sec
Aura of Mana (purple)
30 Mana Regeneration /5sec
Aura of Defense (Green)
+7% Shielding
+7% Magic Resistance
Aura of War (Red)
Attack Speed +7%
Critical Hit Chance +7%
Critical Hit Damage +7%
Melee +7%
Distance +7%
Magic Level +7%
Aura of Balance (Orange)
Life Leech Chance +7%, Life Leech Amount +7%
Mana Leech Chance +7%
Mana Leech Amount +7%
Sacred Aura (Rainbow)
Magic Level +3%
Attack Speed +3%
Melee +3%
Distance +3%
Shielding +3%
Magic Resistance +3%
Critical Hit Chance +3%
Critical Hit Damage +3%
Life Leech Chance +3%
Lie Leech Amount +3%
Mana Leech Chance +3%
Mana Leech Amount +3%
Health Regneration 10 /5sec
Mana Regeneration 10 /5sec


Outfits / Addons may be able to give you additional boost either. Check the Addons Page for more information.

Spell Scrolls

Consuming spell scrolls allows you to learn a spell. Even though they are sometimes misc spells there are also upgrades from certain spells e.g. Earthquake Lv2.
Some spells are just the same spell with lower mana cost or a spell with damage increase. Or Unique spells that can be stronger then your current one.

Misc Skills

Even though they are less valueable as combat skills. They can still be beneficial in many ways.

Fishing as we know requires worms. By fishing you are able to get food from the natural resources which may be usefull if you cannot cast food, or if the monsters do not drop food themselves.

The higher your fishing skill the more kinds of fishes you can fish, which may be needed to cook certain food. Or you can find some creature products, rings, addon items, pearls etc... which may also be usefull to make money. At a certain skill you are able to fish up creatures too!

Mining requires a mining pick which can be bought in most tool store's. The higher your skills are the higher the chance you succesfully pick
a stone. A stone cannot be picked again until it respawns (5 Minutes). The stone does not respawn when there is a player nearby.

The higher your skills are the more higher chance you have on getting something rare, also it unlocks certain items that you can pick from stones.

Mining ables you to get the following items: diamonds, pearls, gold nuggets, old irons, upgrade gems, addon items,

Cooking requires you to collect certain items, which items depends on the recipe. The higher your cooking skills are the higher the chance
your recipe won't fail. The special recipes can give you a buff for a hour for stuff like skills, regeneration and or in combination with a instant healing.
The food also has a cooldown of a hour to prevent you from stacking bonusses. If you consumed your special meal you have a chance
(that is based on cooking skills), that you 'enjoyed' your meal. Which results in a
EXP bonus of 7%. This same EXP bonus also affects EXP lounges!

The higher your skills are the more recipes you are able to cook. Some recipes requies you to have a recipe or to finish a quest.

Demonic Candy Balls
+20% Attack Speed, Haste

Sweet Mangolaise Elixir
20 Mana Regeneration /3sec
8K Mana
Northern Fishburger

1K Health / 1K Mana / Cures Drown, Burn & Freeze.
Glooth Sandwich
+10% Health Points / +10% Mana Points

Carrot Cake
+5% Mana Leech Chance / +5% Mana Leech Amount

Blessed Steak
+5% Life Leech Chance / +5% Life Leech Amount

Filled Jalapeno Peppers
+5% Critical Hit Chance / +5% Critical Hit Damage

Veggie Casserole
20 Mana Regeneration /3sec
3K Mana
Banana Chocolate Shake
10 Mana Regeneration /3sec
1K Mana
Tropical Fried Terrorbird
20 Health Regeneration /3sec, Haste
1K Health / Cures Bleeding
Roasted Dragon Wings
30 Health Regeneration /3sec, Haste
3K Health / Cures Bleeding
Hydra Tongue Salad
+ 10% Health Points / +10% Mana Points

Rotworm Stew
10 Health Regeneration /3sec
8K Health / Cures Bleeding
Valentine's Cake

5K Health / 5K Mana
Ectoplasmic Sushi
+20% Health Points / +20% Mana Points
Removes all negative conditions, even exhausts and cooldowns.
15 Year Cake

7K Health / 7K Mana
Melon Ice Cream
+7% Distance Fighting

Blueberry Ice Cream
+5% Melee Skills

Cherry Ice Cream
+4% Magic Resistance

Strawberry Ice Cream
+8% Shielding

Vanilla Ice Cream
+10% Magic Level

Chocolate Ice Cream
All the other Ice Cream Bonusses.

You can cook by using a oven, anywhere. Even in your own house!

By using the crafting anvils in the smith store in woodlum town, you can craft items. Not all items are craftable. But there are quite some
equipment and weapons that can be crafted.

The higher your skills are the higher your chances of succes are and more items that you can craft. Every item has a different recipe and different succeed chance.
It can be very usefull once you can craft items as: war crystals, old iron, upgrade gems, heroic coins etc.

Also there is an option to recycle. Recycling ables you to turn items into items again that can be used often for crafting e.g. golden nuggets. The higher the level the higher the chance, also if it contains upgrades there are chances that you will get gems or smaller gems back in return. The chance also depends on the level, and decrease for every gem, so getting 1 gem is easier then 2 gems out of a item.

Every 6 hours there is a lotery held between the players who are active
This means if your skilling or in bot mode, you won't be participate.
Depending on the amount of activity there will be 1-5 players chosen and rewarded with random rewards like: Skilling weapons, 1 hour 10% bonus on exp, gold, dropables OR mining, or other items like time boxes, upgrade crystals, money, heroic coins, SP, MP, stamina champagne, frag removers etc.

Lockpicking is needed to open quest chests. To open a chest you will consume 1 lock pick. You will get the loot from the chest if you succeed opening the chest.
a lockpick cost 100gp each, the higher your skills are the higher the chance of succeeding are. Every chest has a different difficulty of opening.
So there are quite some chests that are easy to be opened even with minimal skills.

But the higher the difficulty the more exp you get when you succeed lockpicking a chest.


At last there are no bad builds. but there can be really interesting builds be made. Synergy is a very important factor in building. Especially if you have certain goals you want to achieve.

You can be a dual wielding knight who wears melee sets and other offensive bonusses. You will be like a weaker version of rogue but with a higher healthpool!

You can be a one handed knight who spends a lot into shielding for reflect bonus. Or a knight with a maximized Health pool for better delayed recovery support. Or a combination of the 3! Ofcourse a ranged class has more benficial from dual wielding..

A battle mage is known for it's magic chain ability and it's mana issues. It can go different ways: Attack Speed Set + Attack speed upgrades + Dual Wielding + Imbuement S to have maximized potential of it's magic chain ability(no mana cost).

Once in the Beta there used to be a player who wants to fully abuse the blizzard spell of druids, as it has a big aoe, damage and paralyze.  The only issue is, a druid cannot paralyze the crowd when it needs to recover it's mana...Which can also make the situation more dangerous.  

So he build a Mana Leech Set, and made sure the damage (and the size of the lure) is big enough to have almost 'infinite' mana and 'infinite' paralyze.

Which is in some way also a power boost as your average DPS would doing better with lesser usage of mana potions in between. Even though your not wearing offensive weapon(s). Passive Wands give Mana Leech Amount bonus, If it's in the main hand.

Or using Mana Regeneration sets for magic level skilling? or dual wielding skilling weapons with a attack speed set?

Botting weaker creatures with nerd set or pirate set?

Different builds may have the advantage in different sitations( PVP / PVE / Farming / build vs build / weathers / seasons/ classes etc).