There are 12 classes each with 2 promotions. Every promotion increases base attack speed, soul and health/mana regeneration.

There are currently 3 kind of vocations types.

Normal classes, Team classes and hybrid classes. The team classes are classes as we know the 4 classes (Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin and Knight).
They all have a special role in teamplay and do it as the best as the class is specialized to their role.
Keep in mind these classes are reworked and aren't the same compared to the vanilla classes.

Hybrid classes (Rogue, Monk, Battle mage) are classes that is best used in solo play. As they have less specialization but a bigger versatility.
They have less major drawbacks, but more smaller drawbacks as hybrid classes are more balanced..

Click on any class to see detailed information as attack speed, regeneration, spell list etc.



Offensive Classes Role Description
Rogue Offensive Best Damage Dealer on close combat. One of the thoughest classes!
Paladin Offensive/Balanced Best single target damage dealer.
Sorcerer Offensive Best damage/AOE dealer.
Necromancer Offensive Death/offensive version of conjurer.
Druid Offensive/Supportive Great healer and supporter.


Hybrid/Balanced Classes Role Description
Samurai Balanced/Offensive Due to it's passive and decent healthpool it is able to be offensive as buffy..
Battle Mage Balanced/Offensive All the good and bad of a sorcerer & knight.
Demon Hunter Balanced/Offensive Similar to paladin except it uses guns and death elements.
Spearman Balanced Ranged hybrid, decent daamge, decent survivability.
Illusionist Balanced Hybrid magic user, decent damage, decent survivability.
Rebel Balanced Able to do almost everything to a decent height.
Cleric Balanced/Supportive Holy/Supportive version of battle mage.
Monk Balanced/Defensive Best magical wall.


Defensive/Supportive Classes Role Description
Black Knight Defensive Similar to a knight except it does worse then knight PVE wise, but comes with interesting PVP gimmicks.
Elf DSupportive Supportive ranged class.
Conjurer Defensive Uses summons to deal damage, but also has decent support abilities.
Knight Defensive Best physical wall.