Showing all these commands below ingame.

By using the !target command, it will target the creature who is the closest from you. By using the command again it targets the next creature in order.
It also works on NPC's to trade, or for quests etc. and also works on players if you are pz locked.

Hint: Use it as hotkey ;)

!exiva "NPCNAME
Search for a NPC instead of a player. Very usefull for story mode!
Keep in mind that some NPC's appear several times which may not work good on those certain NPC's (e.g. Soya). No need for secondary ".

It will show several stats as: best melee hit, best spells hit, average damage per second, attack speed, avoid chance, deflect chance, magic damage reduction and upgrade crystal boosts. Keep in mind, best hit made. Not hit potential. !resetstats sets best melee/spells hit/average back to 0.

Improve your skills by spending skill points.

Shows which perk is active (if any) and how many time left.

!pet call
Summons pet, if your holding any pet.

By consuming potions, you will gather a amount of empty potions in your backpack. Too lazy to sell it?
By turning the command on, it will automaticly drop empty potions on the floor below you when you reach 100 pots.
Not working? That's probaly because you exceeded the 100 empty potions before it is turned on.

Skips the tutorial mission, only possible if you haven't progressed in it.

!buyhouse / !leavehouse
Buy or sell a house. Face the direction against the main entrance to buy the house.

Event commands

!joinCTF / !leaveCTF
Join or leave the capture the flag team event. (if it is running).

!joinTDM / !leaveTDM
Join or leave the team death match event (if it is running).

!football shoot
Shoot the football 2SQM ahead.

!football powershoot
Shoot the football 3SQM ahead, it is less accurate as the ball might go off on the

Twist the ball, you can only twist if you face in the right direction to the football.

Same as above but in counter clock direction.

!snowball throw
Throws snowball in the snowball event.

!snowball info
See scoreboard of the snowball event.