Custom build house

Not satisfied with the houses in Animera? Want something special or exclusive? We can get you those! STARTING FROM 3750 Animera coins you can get the house of your dreams. We also accept self made houses. We do reserve the right to change the features/terms of service anytime. How to get an custom build house? send us an email at We will ask for username / character name / email as verification.

•Training machines.
•We also accept selfmade houses.
•EXP lounges.
•Theme to your likings.
•Balcony/Penthouse available.
•(Small)PVP arena.
•Soccer field.
•A room for each guild member, No limitations yet.
We reserve the right to change the rule at anytime.
•and possibly more? everything is requestable, if it's reasonable.
Terms of service
•You cannot choose the location. You may request a location, but we cannot guarantee everywhere.
•1 revision (you have 48 hours after placement the time for a revision).
•If you lose the house by account/character deletion, You won't get any refund or compensation.
•If your guild grows, we will not expand your house.
Atleast we cannot guarantee to do it for free, or if there is any 'space nearby left without moving the whole map around it.'
•If you are requestion for a custom house made by any of us, we cannot guarantee any deadline before it's done or implemented.
Simply because we don't want complains incase there is delay due to in-game situations or other possible causes of delay. •The houses are made too last. Even after possible relaunches or reset. We Intend to keep them 'forever', So far that's realisticly possible.
Imagine having too many empty houses over years that would require so many hosting resources or other possible issues/limitations.