Boss hunter's Guild

If you have skipped the tutorial on your first login, then you have joined the boss hunter's guild automaticly. By joining the boss hunter's Guild you will get free money on certain advancements.

Level Reward
Level 20 3x Crystal coins
Level 75 5x Crystal coins
Level 130 7x Crystal coins
Level 200 10x Crystal coins

Aside the free money on advancements, you also gain gold automaticly on your bank for each creature slain. The stronger the creature the better payment(At certain point it is very benificial). Also clearing missions they provide will also gain you some financial bonusses.

Desert dungeon quest

After reaching level 20 you are able to do the desert dungeon quest, you will get some equipment and money.
Check the Quest page for more information.


By doing tasks you will get experience, money and the ability to hunt down task bosses.
Check the Tasks page for more information.

Selling loot

Aside the basic loot selling NPC, we also have a creature product seller. You will find the NPC at the farm.
Also do not forget to use your autoloot.


Mining ables you to gather nice resources but also jewelry.

Game Hall

In the game hall you can find many games that generates money.

Check your bank balance!

This may sound logical for the most, but you get money onto your bank balance for every creature you kill!

Offline Market

Selling to other players may payout higher then stores.

Story Mode

Story mode can be beneficial in many ways, but it also rewards you some money here and there..

Rookie runes

On lower levels use your rookie runes to save money, keep in mind they get weaker the higher you get.


Enough loot but not enough cap? push your lootbag!

Saving builds

Not the main reason to build it but building leech/regen sets could save money too.

Pirate set

Pirate set increases your gold rate from monsters.