All over the world of animera there are different kind of quests. Some hack 'n slash, some requires solving a puzzle. There are all kind of challenges awaiting for you!

Keep in mind, there are more quests in-game then listed or spoiled here at all. These pages are all under construction yet. At this moment only 13 quests pages are working.

The level on the list stands for level requirement(e.g. experience doors). Those values ain't necessarily the recommended levels.

Main continent quests
Name Level
The desert dungeon quest 20
Annihilator quest 100
Obliverator quest 150
Hero castle quest(Crown shield + Naginata) 70
Nightmare quest 150
Dragon Lance quest -
Dragon Ritual quest -
Vampire Shield quest 70
Crown Helmet quest -
Helmet of the Deep quest -
Moonlight Hammer quest -
The demon oak quest 70
The inquisition quest 70
The inferno pits quest 70
Coral comb quest 70
The sacred elven garden quest 70
Water arena 70
Barrels to death quest 70
Obsidian knife quest -
Elvenhair rope quest 70
Pendisula quest 160
Black cavalry quest 70
Dwarven hell quest 70
Skill points quest #1 50
Skill points quest #2 70
Queen of the banshees quest 70
Elite boots quest 70
Medusa quest 70
Fortress golem quest 70
Arachnid squasher quest 70

Winter continent quests
Name Level
The Snowpoint city arena quest 30

Desert continent quests
Name Level
Adil's recipe quest -
Ra revenge quest 70
The sunrise city arena 150

Jungle continent quests
Name Level
Saggi the dark clown quest 70
Vortex shield quest 70

Omashu continents quest
Name Level
Dark ruler ha des quest 70